Retroist Broadcasting Company (RBC) Archive from Late 1928

In the mid 1920 my great-great Uncle Jack inherited the radio Station WRBC in central New Jersey and used it to launch the Retroist Broadcasting Company. The station was not a huge financial success, but it had a dedicated audience.

RBC Logo

About a year ago I was cleaning out the attic at my family home and stumbled across a box of recordings from the time and I have been painstakingly digitizing and restoring them. I know the audio quality is a little iffy, but I promise it will get better with time. So now sit back, relax and prepare to be transported back in time. Today’s broadcast is from late 1928 and has some music by Paul Whiteman and the Rhythm Boy as presented by St. James St Croix , some great news presented by “The Voice of Central New Jersey” Beaumont Scott and a travelogue by Travelin’ Jack.

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  • This episode was presented by the now defunct Enigma Meat Company of New York, NY and Secaucus, NJ.
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