Vintage Woolworth Halloween Ad

I spent a lot of time at Woolworth as a kid. As a young kid I would get ice cream and grilled cheese there with my Grandmother and as a college student I would buy cheap supplies and grilled cheese to get me through the lean times. It was a dark day when they finally shut their doors. So for all of you who had a great time at America’s corner store, perhaps you got your first Halloween costume there, here is a vintage Woolworth Halloween Ad that will take you back to their golden age.

woolworth halloween


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5 thoughts on “Vintage Woolworth Halloween Ad

  1. My grandfather would take me to the Woolworth’s 5 & 10 in South Philly. We’d get a hamburger with grilled onions for me, and yarn for my grandmother. Got many a Halloween costume there too! -Chris P

  2. What a terrific ad! I went to Woolworth’s every single Saturday with my mother and found it all quite fascinating as a small child. It was around until the 80s in our NYC neighborhood. I once gave the cashier Canadian money by mistake, so that was after ’84. We got our 60s Christmas ornaments there and the quality was not bad, back then. I still have them.

  3. I am with Chris. I miss the old Woolworth’s.
    My dad would take me to the Neshaminy Mall in Bucks county, just outside of Philly, where they had these cool metal gates that I loved to watch open.
    I would always get lunch and a Star Wars action figure when we went. I would get the figure first and when we would go and eat, I would go to the metal gates and make a noise thinking the metal gates where Death Star blast doors opening for me.
    Fried chicken… always had fried chicken.

  4. dude f’n Woolworth’s rocked. I used to get pretzles an ICEE’s from their snack shop. I spent a lot of time there as well. I was lucky to have 2 in my area. The one in the old Menlo Park Mall was the best!

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