This Halloween! Be Bright! Be Light! Have a Pepsi!

How the world has changed. Back in 1958, when this ad ran, regular Pepsi was being sold as a diet drink? Pure sugar is the diet alternative drink to what? Lard-tinis? Bacon Daiquiris? Weird. Well I guess she needs to keep the pounds off so that she can fit into her skin tight costume. What is she supposed to be? It looks like she just went into her trunk and came up with bohemian-ballerina with pink heart and mask. Oh I know, she doesn’t care, she is one of those free spirits who is trying to express herself and if you question her costume, your the jerk and she mocks your hobo costume all night. Even though you forgot it was a costume party and just wore your work cloths to the party.

Well she can laugh, because I know a secret. That clown she is going to dance with? He is a horrible dancer and is gonna step all over those ballet slippers. You thought I was going to go all dark on you there, didn’t you? Well I zigged when you thought I would zag. Viva Coke!

Dancing Clown is Going to Kill Me...


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3 thoughts on “This Halloween! Be Bright! Be Light! Have a Pepsi!

  1. You can tell she’s been planning that costume for months. And the clown is trying to get her to dance but it ain’t gonna happen. Look at those pointed fingernails! She has weapons. She will sit and pose as long as she likes!

    And if she swigs a lot of Pepsi I suspect that she’s wearing a full 50s corset under that leotard.

  2. There’s a great old Pepsi jingle this reminded me of. It went:

    “Be sociable, and SMART!
    Drink light, refreshing Pepsi…”

    But when you hear it, I swear it sounds like:

    “Be sociable, not SMART..!”

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