It’s Slime Time!

For a brief moment in 1987, Slime Time watches were all the rage. It’s a simple plastic digital watch concealed under a life-size rubber creature – a frog, spider, or cobra head. I had the frog, and people at my school loved to shout the ad’s tagline at me: “what time is it? SLIME TIME!” The gigantic plastic frog and incessant catchphrasing got to be too much that after a month, I permanently ditched the frog and just wore the cheap watch.



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One thought on “It’s Slime Time!

  1. eric says:

    do you still have this watch? i have been searching for the green frog slime time watch. i had it as a kid and have been interested in watches ever since. i’m now searching for the watch to remind me of how much fun i had annoying my parents to ask, “what’s the time”.

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