Friday the 13th The Series – “The Inheritance”

In the premiere episode of Friday the 13th: The Series, two cousins are brought together to deal with the antique store after the death of their uncle, and meet Jack. They sell off some of the antiques, then discover Lewis’ manifest. The first item they go looking for is a cursed doll which has fallen into the hands of a spoiled girl.


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3 thoughts on “Friday the 13th The Series – “The Inheritance”

  1. Ugly American says:

    Classic 80s occult series.

    Roomers at the time abounded that the girl who played Micki was a ‘witch in real life’ and protests against the show were held across the Bible Belt.

    Which only make her and the show all the more popular.

  2. Ultra says:

    I always felt that this series was a precursor to X-Files. When I first saw Mulder and Scully, Friday the 13th was the first thing I thought of.

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