Nothing Says Thirstquencher like a Terrifying Clown

This Greasepainted, tiny-hatted monster didn’t make it as a spokesclown and I think we can all breath a collective sigh of relief for that. I have no idea why anyone would think a clown could or should sell anything but nightmares.

Want some Kool-Aid? The price? Oh, not much, just your soul! Ha Ha Ha…everything floats!!!

kool-aid klown


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6 thoughts on “Nothing Says Thirstquencher like a Terrifying Clown

  1. This is truly a spectacularly bad ad! I love it, of course, for that reason.

    You are correct in assuming that this terrible clown creature wants souls as the price of his noxious drink. He will be snacking on them very soon. And we all know what he is planning to wash those souls down with…

  2. Ultra says:

    I don’t know…Kool Aid Man looks pretty pleased to see him. Maybe there’s something he’s not telling us in between pushing his tooth-rotting product on us.

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