“Impossible Mission” Manual for the Atari 7800

Though originally developed for the Commodore 64, Impossible Mission was ported to many system including the Atari 7800. Interestingly the Atari 7800 version has a confirmed bug that makes the game “impossible” to win (delicious); it places some of the code pieces underneath computer terminals, which the player cannot search (since attempting to do so will access the terminal). The manual is not much to look at “design-wise” but I like the level of detail. Manuals like this demand to be read.


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One thought on ““Impossible Mission” Manual for the Atari 7800

  1. Jf says:

    Aaaaamazing. Thank you for posting.

    I loved playing that game on by c64, but I never had the manual!

    Love the details on the robot, wow. Is there a flash version of this game out there somewhere?

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