New Mickey Mouse Club (1970s Edition)

In the 1970s Disney made an attempt to revive its much storied Mickey Mouse Club franchise. This attempt only lasted from January 17, 1977 to June of that year and is largely forgotten by most fans. Let’s meet the gang and check out their sweet dance moves.

Mindy is Mindy Feldman, sister of Corey Feldman and yes Lisa is Lisa Whelchel who played Blair Warner on Facts of Life. Who knew she could play such a mean air guitar.


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10 thoughts on “New Mickey Mouse Club (1970s Edition)

  1. HA! I remember watching the 70’s version! However, I still preferred watching the original Mickey Mouse club with Annette. They used to show reruns and I remember watching them every afternoon at my Grandma’s house.

  2. Brian says:

    Oh dear God, it must have been a Monday… Wow, what a trip to see this again after 30 years…

  3. Jon says:

    Just wondering where all these kids went in this day and age. Lisa Whelchel is well known to remain an actress. The other members look vaguly familiar. I recall when I was in the 6th grade the new club was on full time. At that age, I recall being infatuated with a cute crush on Kelly’s attractive face and warm smile. Since I remember her because of that amusingly cute memory, does anyone know what her personal and business position is now?

  4. M says:

    I was 8 years old when the Mickey Mouse Club debuted in 1977. I too had a MASSIVE crush on Kelly. Oh, that beautiful golden mane of hair she had! It is believed that Kelly is now in the medical field. Probably as a Nurse. It is also believed before that she was a hairdresser. It is rumored that she got married in 2001, but the marriage didnt last. Out of all the mice, she is the one who is most closed mouthed about her personal life and previous acting experience. Especially when it comes to her stint as a mouseketeer. She wont talk about it, she refuses contact with all her fans. My personal guess as to why she gives us fans the cold shoulder is because she is bitter about the way her acting career didnt take off as she had hoped. During and after the Mickey Mouse Club, she had TRIED to get a successful acting career off the ground, but she could barely get an acting job. The few handful of acting roles she did get were small and meaningless. She did become Miss California for the 1986 Miss USA contest and became 4rd runner up in the 1986 Miss USA pageant. But after that, nothing. I imagine that she’s pretty bitter that the Mickey Mouse club would be the biggest thing she ever did in her acting career and it was all downhill from there. She would never reach such a height in show business ever again. She attended a 1992 reunion of the 1970s mouseketeers, but not the one also held in 2001 even though she said she would attend that one. According to some, back in the 70s she always was a little bit stand offish when it came to her fans. And today, its much more obvious. She wants nothing to do with us. And boy does that ever hurt.

    Scott died in 2003 of some respiratory illness. Angel died in 1995 of AIDS. Allison became a very successful business woman. Todd is married with kids, went to work for a watch company, eventually becoming its vice president, then president. Nita is a mother of 4 children. Julie is married with kids, lives in St. Louis, She has an official website which is run by one of her fans. Curtis is married and living in Canada. Mindy is married with a couple of kids. Allison is a successful businesswoman. Pop got married in 2004 and has a daughter (born 2007). Mindy is married with a couple of sons. Shawnte is married, but its not known what shes currently doing for a living.

  5. M says:

    I wrote: “She did become Miss California for the 1986 Miss USA contest and became 4rd runner up in the 1986 Miss USA pageant.”

    Whoops. I meant: She did become Miss California for the 1986 Miss USA contest and became 4th runner up in the 1986 Miss USA pageant.

  6. Sandra Walker says:

    Thank you so much for the clip of the Mickey Mouse Club 1970’s I loved it, brought back memories of some happier times in my childhood. I still remember a Mickey Mouse cartoon on it too that I really liked, I think it had Donald & Goofy in it too, where they went on a caravan holiday, funny how we remember things like that. My favourite was Nita, thought she was cute. If only they would release it on DVD.

  7. mwentworth says:

    BTW, what is wrong with Disney, anyway? With all the platforms they have or have had in the past, why don’t they ever release the original Mickey Mouse Club shows in any fashion? Or have I missed something?

  8. Bobbie says:

    There were songs for different days of the week! I sooo remember these!! Anyone have places to view these. “DDDDDDDDDDDDD Discovery, Let’s discover. Come and and discover.”

  9. Cassie says:

    @Bobbie: do a search for their stuff on YouTube. There’s a user on there who has uploaded a lot of the episodes in full (shown in three different segments) along with all the songs from the album. I’ve been watching them for the past 2 hours, and it’s been a great trip down memory lane. If you were a fan, you will love it!!! Hope you can find them.

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