The SID chip

This excites me in the same way that Scarlett Johansson did at the start of  the movie Lost in Translation.

SID chip

It may not seem like much but this little chip changed the lives of musicians and gamers around the world! Not only was it the first sound chip that could actually reproduce a (recognizable) human voice but it could play (in some cases) up to 5 different instruments (or “voices”) at once. Not excited yet then you have no class! This chip was revolutionary and is still hailed today as a masterpiece. Just ask the guys at for more in depth info (they are insanely… “interested” in the Commodore 64 where this chip originated). Right im off to either A) play up to 5 “voices” simultaneously or B) watch a movie about an old ghostbuster who advertises whiskey or something like that.. I can never concentrate on the story for some reason?

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