Mr. Day, it’s Billy Mitchell on line 1 and he sounds angry.


Phil Day has just broken the world record on the 28-year-old classic arcade game, Galaga. Passing the previous mark of 2.7 million points set by Andrew Laidlaw in 2007, Day’s score of 3.44 million is the culmination of six months’ training and practice. Players must videotape their record attempts and Mr Day’s score has yet to be verified by Twin Galaxies, the world authority for computer game records, but we expect confirmation soon..

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2 thoughts on “Mr. Day, it’s Billy Mitchell on line 1 and he sounds angry.

  1. Brian says:

    Wow… I remember I turned Galaga over twice and left a respectable high score behind (somewhere in the 400k-700k range) back in 1997. I didn’t think to record it. :P Well, Gratz Mr. Day!

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