Yummy TV Dinners for Guests

Frozen dinners today are not all that great. Can not imagine the first generation of frozen dinners where much better.


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7 thoughts on “Yummy TV Dinners for Guests

  1. This brings back lots of memories of eating those tasty Swanson TV dinners. The pictures on the boxes rarely matched the odd colors and textures of the food contained within their foil containers. But they sure were tasty!

  2. Personally I have not good memories of frozen dinners. I ate so many of them in the past that if I have to eat dried out corn, rubber chicken or a napalm hot, burn the heck out of your mouth, apple desert again… I would rather starve for the night.

  3. ZZ Top says:

    Tv dinners I’m feelin’ kinda rough
    Tv dinners this one’s kinda tough
    I like the enchiladas and the teriaki too
    I even like the chicken if…. The sauce is not too blue.

  4. Salisbury steak in gravy was always my favorite. As I recall, the meat had grill lines, which implies proper cooking at some point, but perhaps they were painted on. I also enjoyed the cornbread, the mashed potatoes (be sure to mix in some gravy from your steak), and the chocolate cake. I never ever ate the vegetables…always too crunchy, dry, and flavorless. TV dinner veggies were the only type of vegetable that my mom never forced me to choke down…I guess she knew it was asking too much.

  5. Killer Shrews says:

    Another night when George W stumbles in reeking of booze and golf sweat, demanding Laura “russle-up some of dem fried chicken TVs fer ol’ Jeb n’ me here, he he he… *urp*”

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