The Worlds Fastest Typist is Defeated on David Letterman in 1985


I miss when Dave would have bits like this. He was always very good at the ad lib when strange things occurred, like when a company typist defeated the World’s Fastest Typist.


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7 thoughts on “The Worlds Fastest Typist is Defeated on David Letterman in 1985

  1. ruxxell says:

    yes hahaha but seriously, you should read the wikipedia for this. that lady used some kind of dvorak keyboard or something and dave gave her the wrong typewriter, and then basically embarrassed that lady on television. she was kind of a sour sport about it, which i could *maybe* agree with, since she really was the worlds fastest typist.

  2. Cyxodus says:

    Wow! I remember this now. Thanks for posting this,

    I hadn’t seen this since it aired. Dave Letterman was so funny back then and he and Johnny were the reasons to stay up late every night. You couldn’t wait to see what they would come up with. 80’s late night talk was the best.

  3. I don’t believe a word of this cause the world’s fastest typist is Miss Barbara Blackburn, of Salem, Oregon, look it up in a search engine like google or whichever one you prefer. I think of myself as the worlds fastest male typist myself. I am going to try the dvorak keybord one of these days and just see how fast I can type on that kekyboard altho i don’t think there is much difference in the qwerty and the dvorak altho the dvorak has the vowels on the left hand and the right hand has the most common consonants like htns. I am curious about the different types of keyboards out there today. I just bought me a typematrix 2030 ergo keyboard and I love it the middle of thee board has the enter key, the delte key and the backspace key awesome and the letters are vertical and not slanted at all so this is a good keyboard if u are thinking of wanting to increase your typing speed and accuracy.

  4. Alan Hunter says:

    I worked as a Chief Overseas Telegraphist with Western Union in Scotland and used a teleprinter and also typewriter. I used to dial up hundreds of companies via teleprinter/telex and could gauge the speed of these company operators.

    Only one matched me; which was the maximum the keyboard would allow you to go. So I consider I am the world’s fastest male typist.

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