Vincent Price Commercial for Time-Life Books “The Enchanted World”


When this commercial premiered in 1985 they would show it on Channel 11 after 11pm during re-runs of Star Trek and it would creep me out, especially with the eye-glow at the end.


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2 thoughts on “Vincent Price Commercial for Time-Life Books “The Enchanted World”

  1. SJ Kimball says:

    My roommate has the ‘Ghosts’ volume, I am reading it now. It’s very fascinating, I loved it from the moment she brought it home (from one of her ex boyfriends) and now I love it even more, knowing that it was once endorsed by my hero Vincent Price. Ooh I just got goosebumps, this is exciting. There are still three more volumes that I want, ‘The Secret Arts’, ‘Tales of Terror’ and ‘Night Creatures’. There are 21 books in all, but I think I would be set with the four, oh and perhaps the ‘Witches and Wizards’ book, since Vincent appeared so fond of it.

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