McDonalds Commercial “The Beef Goes On”

I have had this commercial sitting in a folder for about a year and had nearly forgotten about it. When I spotted it this morning I misremembered what it was. Reading the title, I assumed it would be a parody of the Glenn Frey classic “The Heat is On.”

I was disappointed when I discovered it wasn’t a parody of “The Heat is On”. Which would have been a pretty great way to sell burgers. Heck, you don’t even need to make a parody. You could just play the regular song with images of food cooking and I would be at the drive-thru before you could say “do you Glenn fries with that?” (The guy’s name is Glenn Frey! Which is so close to Fry. How perfect is that!)

Sadly this commercial has nothing to do with “The Heat is On” and McDonald’s never made extra spicy Glenn Fries. Maybe in some magical alternate universe, but not ours.

While this commercial is a great example of McDonald’s Advertising in the eighties, it is just not as great as it could have been.

Watch the McDonald’s “The Beef Goes On” Commercial


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