Come Home to the Best … Only on NBC in 1988


This video was a promo, highlighting the stellar lineup that NBC had during the 1988-1989 season. The decade is about to end, but this promo gives you one last blast of 80s goodness. How many shows can you name?


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5 thoughts on “Come Home to the Best … Only on NBC in 1988

  1. Newzoo says:

    Sad to realize how many of these folks are no longer with us, most recently Ed McMahon. Great glimpse of the late 80’s, though…

  2. Doug says:

    It’s amazing at just how many shows were on that network at that time. Now, with cable as a rising force in original programming, Networks are lucky to get half of that. Here are the ones I could spot (although that dancing Michael Landon stand-in was so lame):

    Cosby Show
    Golden Girls
    Highway to Heaven
    Wheel of Fortune (Pat Sajak)
    Night Court
    Leno was in there, but I’m not sure for which show. Maybe just as Johnny’s stand-in
    Burt Convey, but like Leno, not sure for what game show. Win Lose or Draw, maybe?
    LA Law
    Hogan Family
    The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
    A Different World
    Sports Package (Baseball, Olympics, World Series, Super Bowl)
    Family Ties
    Nightly News with Tom Brokaw
    Days of Our Lives

    Yes, I am a pop culture dumpster. I will say that that was the longest and lamest promo I’ve ever seen, though. I’m sure some of those actors and performers were mortified that they had to do that and I notice that Bea Arthur was absent and more than likely told her NBC taskmasters to shove it.

  3. Now that is impressive. I believe you are right that Bea Arthur said to to go shove it and then went and smoked a cigarette. Convey must have been for Win, Lose or Draw. Leno was probably up there for is Tonight Show hosting, but I would prefer if he was up there for
    “Jay Leno’s Family Comedy Hour”.

  4. Evan says:

    Bert Convy would have been for “Super Password”, an NBC daytime noon game show which aired from 1984-89. He did produce the NBC version of Win, Lose or Draw, but Vicki Lawrence hosted it.

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