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Martin Jetpack ... the promise of retro technology ... today!
Martin Jetpack … the promise of retro technology … today!

We have been promised jetpacks for over 50 years and now it looks like a commercially available jetpack is finally on the horizon thanks to the aptly named Martin Jetpack. The Martin Jetpack weights over 500 pounds when fueled up, but that will allow you to travel 31.5 miles with a max speed of 63 mph. Oh, and get this, they estimate that you will be able to hover up to 8000 feet in the air. Now this might not be great jetting cross country, but just think about how cool commuting could become with everyone zipping around in their jetpack? I picture legions of people, within 30 miles of a city taking to the skys every morning and docking at rooftop metropolitan fueling stations. It would be glorious.

I know you are thinking, but what about crashing? Well Martin has tried to think of everything:

Production versions of the Jetpack are equipped with a Ballistic Parachute system from Ballistic Recovery Systems. This enables the pilot to be saved from a catastrophic failure down to a reasonably low altitude. Ballistic parachutes can open at very low altitudes, particularly if the aircraft has some forward speed. For this reason the “flight profiles” will be calculated to have the lowest risk possible.

I still get the chills when I see these in action.

The Martin Jetpack pack will retail for $100,000, so if you are a wannabe rocketeer you better start saving your coins to put down your $10,000 deposit.


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