Walt Disney Animation Collection Volume 6 – The Reluctant Dragon

reluctant dragon

Volume 6 of the Walt Disney Animation Collection, includes the classic short film “Wind in the Willows”. The other shorts are a good mix of tall and animal tales that are about things that are not what you would expect them to be. The DVD includes the following shorts:

The Reluctant Dragon – What happens when a Dragon is not what you expect it to be?

Ferdinand the Bull – A bull who does not want to fight? Most bulls are fierce warriors, but not Ferdinand, he would prefer to sit around and smell the flowers.

Goliath II – A tiny elephant must earn the respect of the heard and his much bigger father.

Johnny Appleseed – This 1948 animated short is about the legendary Johnny Appleseed. It is based on the true adventures of John Chapman who traveled the wilderness planting thousands of apple trees.

The disc has Dolby Digital Surround Sound, a 1.33:1 aspect ratio and English, French and Spanish subtitles. It is a mere $15.99, so order yours today.

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3 thoughts on “Walt Disney Animation Collection Volume 6 – The Reluctant Dragon

  1. Some 80's Girl says:

    I take it this is just the animated short and not the entire “behinds the scenes at Disney” feature?

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