Look out IBM and Apple..it’s Commodore!

I loved my Commodore 128 and I so agreed with this article back in the day. I guess I was like the Commodore equivalent of a current day Apple snob. I thought that anyone who bought another computer was a fool.

I need to brush off the ol’ 128 and see if it still works sometime soon. At some point in the 1990s it spent 2 years in a basement so I have my doubts, but who knows.

bad news ibm and apple


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4 thoughts on “Look out IBM and Apple..it’s Commodore!

  1. Fobok says:

    I’m a bit late to the blog, but just found this. I was the same way for years. I got a C64 when I was 7, and even when I got a PC laptop for school, (so I could keep up taking notes, due to disability) it was my computer of choice.

    I don’t think I switched fully to PC until I got a computer with a CD-ROM drive (a little late to the party) and played Wing Commander 4, which came with it.

  2. I had an original C64 (from 1982) spend two years in a hot attic, and it still fired up in 2007. The power pack was famously hinky, but it worked. Until my wife made me sell it at a garage sale. *sigh*

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