Build a B.J. and the Bear Model Truck

With this high quality model from AMT you could build your very own Kenworth Aerodyne just like the one in the classic turn of the 70s/80s show “B.J. and the Bear”. With your very own truck you can watch the show without every turning on your TV, but keep it under 70 because smokey lit a fire over that hill and he is just itching to write you a ticket.



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3 thoughts on “Build a B.J. and the Bear Model Truck

  1. Oh, how I would have loved to have this back then. I even signed a test “B.J.” in 4th grade. Thankfully the teacher didn’t make fun of me too hard.

  2. JOHN COOPER, JR. says:

    At least it is satisfactory to know that at least there are a few more ‘B./J.’ fans out there.
    Keep up the interest in the show, good buddy.

  3. eric j heldreth says:

    Has anybody thought about doing a die cast 1/24 or 1/18 scale of bj and the bear tractor and trailor for collectors,Isure would buy one if the price was right,IT WOULD LOOK AWESOME!!! also design a glass case to put it in ,Iwould suggest a wood or black base as an option!! ISHOULD GET A DISSCOUNT FOR THE IDEA!!BECAUSE I WOULD BUY ONE !!!

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