A Concept “Internet” from 1969


This early concept video for a service that would function very similarly to the way the internet has come to function. Had they build it, I am sure a home system would have cost the equivalent of $50,000 in 1969 dollars. Still it is a pretty cool setup and I am a bit jealous. They both have 3 monitor setups and I am still stuck working with 2.


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4 thoughts on “A Concept “Internet” from 1969

  1. I saw this before and if I remember it correctly, I think it’s hilarious that the husband has to approve of all of the wife’s purchases.

    And if I didn’t remember that right, then I feel dumb right now.

  2. I don’t have to approve of my wife’s purchases…as long as she is buying groceries and using them to feed me! Otherwise, I do have to review the invoices on my video screen and then print them out and then scan them over to the bank for payment.

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