1983 TSR Star Frontiers Ad

star frontiers

I find this ad a little confusing. The aliens … from a far away galaxy. For … they want …. or need to purchase … Star Frontiers?


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3 thoughts on “1983 TSR Star Frontiers Ad

  1. Jef Leppard says:

    I spent some good times with friends during the late 80s playing Star Frontiers. I liked the sci-fi setting of this game better than the D&D sword-n-sorcery.

    The alien legs in the ad look to be from the “Vrusk” race… one of the non-human characters you could play in the game.
    After that, we went on to another great TSR game, Gamma World, which was a cool post-apocalyptic setting.
    Miss the old table-top game days.

  2. SteveB says:

    My mom never wanted us to play D&D when I was young due to the whole sorcery/witchcraft thing (yeah, I know she was a bit to influenced by local news and other sources), but she didn’t mid it when we played Star Frontiers. My brothers and I loved this game.

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