Watch A.L.F – Seasons 1-3 on YouTube



Now that ALF – Seasons 1-3 is available on YouTube, my lunch time entertainment has been dominated by my favorite Melmacian. I am halfway through the 2nd season and if they don’t put the last season up soon, I think I will need to order Season Four from Amazon. They are only 14 bucks a season, so maybe I just need to own them all.

Watch Seasons 1-3 of A.L.F online at YouTube.

2 Responses to Watch A.L.F – Seasons 1-3 on YouTube

  1. Tommy says:

    I love ALF. We have all 4 seasons on DVD, but we never finished them. I need to dig them back out, the jokes actually hold up really well.

  2. Leonardo Veni Vidi Vinci says:

    Nice. “This video is not available in your country”

    Really? Lol.

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