Swine Flu Public Service Announcements from mid-1970s


This is not the first pigfluenza scare that we have had in this country. Here are some Public Service Announcements urging people to get Swine Flu shots back in 1976. My favorite is the guy who says he is so fast that the flu could never catch him.

Stay healthy everyone.


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3 thoughts on “Swine Flu Public Service Announcements from mid-1970s

  1. I love the doom-heavy music that plays each time a cocky or lazy person (I’m the healthiest 55 year old you ever saw! I play golf.) is struck low by the grim reaper of Swine Flu. — Mykal from Radiation Cinema! – PS I made sure to get a flu shot this year!

  2. Carol Packer says:

    How do we know that if we get the swine flu vaccine when it’s distributed that we won’t become sick with neurological problems or worse yet! Guillain-Barre syndrome as happen during the mass inoculation in 1976. I remember the problems that occurred with this inoculation. I am now 57 years of age. I didn’t receive the inoculation in 1976 because of the side effects and deaths that had occur from the inoculations. However, my health problems, diabetes and heart disease puts me more at risk, although I was a diabetic then. How can I be assured that this vaccine will be without side effects? I think I would rather get a pneumonia shot due to respiratory problems that occur when I come down with the flus or colds.

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