Two Xbox 360 Laptops for Sale



Benjamin J Heckendorn has some good news for his fans. He will be making two new Xbox 360 laptops for purchase. The laptops are complete custom awesomeness and will run you $5,000 or a green 1999 Ford Escort station wagon 5 speed for trade (seriously). Think about how you will be the envy of everyone at your local Starbucks when they all open their Macbooks to do work and you open your 360 laptop and start watching HD movies through Netflix or playing Left 4 Dead.

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22 Responses to Two Xbox 360 Laptops for Sale

  1. Austin Beaver says:

    Hey, can is it possible to but an Xbox 360 laptop? If so… how much?

  2. SAmmie says:

    how much…ill cme too u nomatter where u at

  3. brandon says:

    email me on how much it is

  4. jerry says:

    i will buy it. i sent u a email earlier.

  5. John Lizzadro says:

    How much would one be? And why is this product sooo hard to finD?!?!

  6. joey h says:

    how much is a xbox360 laptop

  7. Brandon says:

    Just me EVERYONE, but does the above reading say $5,000???? Just me, Maybe I was reading it wrong, or you guys just didn’t READ! It is people like u guys I don’t like forums!

  8. JoeSchmoe says:

    You’re better off making your own. its chepeaer then buying one and it takes limited google for it is your friend

  9. pulgaboy says:

    well it takes weeks to build and all those parts from japan you have to order i dont blame him for priceing it at 5000$

  10. ashley rushing says:

    OMG how much is this? i want it for my bf’s birthday…

  11. chase best says:

    Wow 5gs lame it would take no more than 300 bucks to build one…i remember the guy when he first started making them and selling them for about 400 bucks

  12. Andy K says:

    I have no idea what makes you think it would be less than even $1,000. I made one with a 22″ vizio LED LCD screen and a new 360s with the 250 GB HDD, and the parts alone cost $600, not to mention the cost of the case and other custom CNC stuff. If I had enough people wanting them, I think I could do it for $2,000. If there is enough interest, I think I could set up shop so to speak.

  13. devilgin says:

    can i have one of this laptop i will give u 10000 euro for just one

  14. 6R3ND3L says:

    @Andy K

    i would be very interested in talking to you more about a new xbx laptop.
    dont know if you have set up shop or not, but getting near the time that i am in the market for one.


  15. Trey Bishop says:

    Does anybody kow if they run two seprate OS’s or if it just browses the internet and has xabox and all apps that come with it. I would like to know if the laptop has all of the capibilities of an actual laptop.

  16. Dakota Lynn says:

    can you make cheaper i might give $325 for it

  17. Dakota Lynn says:

    i mean $350 for one of them that is the most i can give for it

  18. ryan says:

    how can you make one

  19. cody says:

    can u make a halo 3 360 laptop…. im intrested……

  20. Sean says:

    Hey i was just wondering if you guys are selling that xbox 360 lap top?

  21. Elton says:

    would u mind sending me step by step instructions on how to create my own i have the old 360 20gb

  22. John mangalino says:

    hi there. i was wondering if you guys still make those xbox360 lap tops..i wud really like to buy one.

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