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Tom Selleck Wants to be Magnum Again


Tom Selleck, perhaps best know for his role as Hawaii based detective Thomas Sullivan Magnum, wants to reprise his role in the upcoming Rawson Marshall Thurber directed film revival. The film which is still in pre-production has been a hotbed for casting rumors. Most recently the rumors involved Matthew McConaughey. Happily, that rumor was squashed, which means they are still looking. Although Selleck does not understand why, according to Tom:

They haven’t called, they haven’t written. I keep hearing they’re developing one but I don’t know whether I’m going to be in it… but they keep doing (fan) polls, and I keep winning them.

So what do you think? Would you pay your hard earned clams to see Mr. Selleck play the role that made him, or is it time for the 64 year old actor to pass the torch? I hope they are at least considering Selleck. I would have thought age was a factor as well, but hey, it worked for Harrison Ford as Indy

So what is your dream Magnum casting. Would you like for them to try to pull together as much of the original cast as possible? Or would you re-boot? If I cannot get an original Selleck “Magnum” my cast would be:

Jason Lee as Magnum, Chi McBride as T.C., James Kyson Lee as Rick, and David Strathairn as Higgins

What would Magnum movie cast look like?


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9 thoughts on “Tom Selleck Wants to be Magnum Again

  1. I’d like to see Tom Selleck run for President in 2012. I have been reading about his background and he appears to be a man of great intedgrity. He embodies many of the fine qualities of a true conservative …even though he professes to Libertarian, he has supported the Republican ticket many times. He certainly has the physical characterics of a great leader!

  2. In a word? HELL YES! Tom Selleck IS Magnum. He’s the ONLY one to play Thomas Magnum that I would pay to see on the big screen or small. The rest of the cast needs to be involved as well. Larry Manetti, Roger E. Mosley, John Hillerman. Although Mr. Hillerman’s health may be a factor, anything other than an original cast movie would be a huge mistake, and not worth the time and money to make.

  3. MAGNUM fan says:

    Please already END the BS and BRING TOM BACK he is the ONLY MAGNUM!!!!!
    People will go see it! He still has a fan base! look at the draw his Jesse Stone series gets!

  4. Mr. Selleck should definately be in the Movie and getting as much of the cast as well. It was a wonderful show, and Tom was a delight to watch. He was very funny as well. And i loved him in “in and out! What a Great Actor he is. Yes, i am a fan. thanks for your time. Mert

  5. I agree. It has to be Tom, no more remake BS. Besides it’s not like he couldn’t do it, the action or stunt scenes were not that hardcore, he could easily still do them today.

  6. sparklegal says:

    No doubt about it…Tom Selleck should play the role that he made famous. No one else could do it justice. All of the original cast should be in it as a matter of fact. Die hard fans of the show don’t care how old these guys are now….they are the show. Wouldn’t be the same without them all. Will the powers that be please get off the pot and put a script together already!!! Mr. Selleck is waiting.

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