Barbie Beauty Salon Commercial


It is just amazing how many accessories Barbie has had over the years. I mean she is just one character. Can you imagine if they put this much effort into say Han Solo or GI-Joe’s Gung-Ho? I know Barbie had friends and their was always Ken, but I am not sure I could play with just one toy over and over again. Barbie needs a posse to grab my interest and she needs guns and swords. Oh her crew could be like the assassins from Kill Bill. That would be slick.

Kill Ken


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3 thoughts on “Barbie Beauty Salon Commercial

  1. metagirl says:

    Because Barbie is just one toy is the reason there are so many accessories. She needs new gadgets to keep her interesting. I had a wicked cool station wagon that towed a horse trailer…Dallas and Midnight rode in the trailer, of course…I had the pool with slide, a three-story house with working elevator, etc. So many cool things to do.

    My Barbie was also friends with a doll named Darci.

    Darci was freakishly over-sized compared to Barbie. About an inch or so taller and proportioned more like an average woman…though I think Darci’s profession was officially “model.” Barbie always mocked Darcy for her huge feet…they could never share shoes.

    But Darci had an awesome white one-piece bathing suit with a lacy cut-out in the middle. It came with a white lacy wrap with a satin tie. You could tie the wrap around Darci’s waist when she was feeling modest, or you could tie it around her neck to give he a super-hero-in-cape look. Barbie was totally jealous.

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