Retro Science: Apollo 10 Patch

apollo 10 patch

My family were big space freaks and our house was filled with space souvenirs. Which we must have sent away for or something, since we did not live anywhere near Florida or California. Interesting fact about Apollo 10 –It set the record for the highest speed attained by a manned vehicle at 24,791 mph.


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3 thoughts on “Retro Science: Apollo 10 Patch

  1. Gene Cernan was the LM (lunar module) pilot on this landing test mission, and came within seven miles of landing on the moon. The mission managers made sure that there wasn’t enough fuel in the LM to actually land and take off, so Cernan couldn’t actually land on the moon.

    Before anyone feels sorry for poor Gene, he did land the Apollo 16 LM on the moon and get to explore the ancient cinder cones on the satellite. He was the last person to walk on the moon…

    …so far…

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