Who Would Win in a Fight? Spock or Wolverine?


Spock smacks down old Wolvie in the first Star Trek X-men cross over. I guess adamantium is no match for Vulcan logic and a a quick nerve pinch. Printed in 1996, Star Trek X-Men is of middling quality, but was a noble attempt at a crossover that makes no sense. It is worth picking up for the Wolverine/Spock fight and of course the delicious Dr. McCoy mix up.


5 Responses to Who Would Win in a Fight? Spock or Wolverine?

  1. Amelyn says:

    I must find that comics!!

  2. Bluebot says:

    Old Wolvie was not put down. He still could have gutted the Vulcan.

  3. vortex says:

    wolverine has ninja training he would just dodge the pinch and slice spocks face off

  4. neither, because after this battle we will all forget about it since Kirk will be making out with all the female Xmen and letting Prof. X know how the real ring leader is around the school.

  5. Holes says:

    if you notice all wolverine had to do is extend his claws and that dumb elf is dead

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