Dolly Madison Snack Cakes Commercials


In 1937, Dolly Madison Snack Cake creator Roy Nafziger said that they were “Cakes and pastries fine enough to serve at the White House.” I could not agree more, while perhaps not as popular as their cousins at Hostess or even Drakes, the Dolly Madison Snack Cake has always been a first class sugar snack.

I bring Dolly Madison up because it is one of those foods a lot of people think have been discontinued, but I assure you the IBC bakery is still churning them out. If they are not at you local supermarket, they probably just don’t carry them in your area or your store Manager does not realize the demand. Ask your store manager to pick them up or you can email the IBC website and see if they have a retail store list.

Even better, if you got wheels, you can check your local IBC Bakery Outlet and pick up some Iced Vanilla Zingers today.

Need to get in the mood for some cakes? Check out these classic commercials:

The singing construction worker defying stereotypes is always a popular commercial standby and it works pretty well for Dolly Madison Apple Pies.

As does the new wave 1950s diner.

Of course no one moves product like Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Beware the Zinger Zapper!

Of course when all else fails, you can always dress up kids as an angels and devils and have them compete for the soul of your overweight snack crammed consumer.


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2 thoughts on “Dolly Madison Snack Cakes Commercials

  1. I know Dolly Madison well. Their products are still prominent in the South.

    Doesn’t it seem kinda redundant for IBC to own Hostess AND Dolly though? They seem to offer most of the same junk food.

  2. metagirl says:

    Did anyone else notice the set of Christie Brinkley clones in the new wave 50’s diner ad? Around 0:27.

    Speaking of redundancy, IBC not only owns Hostess and Dolly, but Wonder and Drake’s. With all of these famous brands, you’d think the company would be doing better…

    In late 2004 Interstate received bankruptcy court permission to use the $200 million in financing it obtained from J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. to reorganize. In January 2005 the SEC began a formal investigation regarding how Interstate set its workers’ compensation and other reserves.

    Still posting losses, IBC was granted filing extension by the bankruptcy court in January 2007. With the approval of the bankruptcy court, the company hired a permanent CEO: Craig Jung, who previously served as CEO of Panamerican Beverages.

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