Halloween Costume Suggestions from 1939

War was brewing in Europe, but that didn’t diminish the Halloween spirit at “Popular Science”. They published these awesome suggestions for some these awesome homemade Halloween costumes. I especially like the Jonah costume. I just need some varnished pasteboard (need to look that one up).

Halloween 1939


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4 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Suggestions from 1939

  1. You realize that to make that costume you will need to ruin a perfectly good straw hat? While you ponder that…I am Jonah…give me some candy or my inexplicable whale head will spray you with water!!

  2. metagirl says:

    How do you see where you are going if you have a wig on the front of your face? Then you really would be blind. Is Tin-Cup Tommy the method-acting equivalent of a Halloween costume?

  3. I didn’t think about it at the time, but nothing about Tin-Cup Tommy makes any sense. Why does he have to be backwards? Why is the cup green? What’s with the shutter?

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