I Always got My Halloween Costumes at Woolworth


Woolworth always had such great candy and costumes during Halloween. You see the awesome Darth Vader and Boba Fett costumes. Well I had the one they didn’t show. The very lame C3P0. If you thought the a prissy golden robot was sad, you should see a kid wearing a vinyl C3PO costume, begging for candy. Nothing sadder.

So if you lived in NJ between 1978-1981 I was that sorry looking kid in the ratty C3P0 costume that visited your house 4 times Trick or Treating. Oh and yes, I was the C3P0 who later that night stole your pumpkin and threw it into the Hackensack River. Whoppers are not a good treat! Seriously.

I know you want more commercial joy. Here is a second Woolworth commercial. Check out the Halloween record at the end, “Sounds to Make You Shiver”.

Here is a sample from “Sounds to Make You Shiver”. Shall we go then?

Happy Haunting


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6 thoughts on “I Always got My Halloween Costumes at Woolworth

  1. Invisalign Atlanta says:

    Funny stuff on the C3PO. Ya those where the days – vinyl Halloween costumes.

    Also I thought you might also be interested in this article about candy, kids, and Halloween titled “Dentists Say Eating Tons of Halloween Candy At Once is Okay?”

  2. JimVII says:

    I thought I was the only one who had that lame costume! I can still smell the (probably) toxic plastic of the mask.

  3. JimVII says:

    Holy crap! Sounds to Make You Shiver…now that brings back some memories. I had long forgotten that record. Although, now that I am older, that screaming woman sounds a bit “different” than I remember…it’s almost like she’s…

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