“Escape from the Mindmaster” for the Starpath Supercharger


If you were lucky enough to have a Supercharger for your Atari 2600 you might have gotten to play “Escape from the Mindmaster”. “Escape” was pretty cool for its time. You traveled through a maze collecting keys and solving puzzles all the while trying to avoid some monster. Oh did I mention the maze was 3D? Which was pretty impressive for 1982. Check out this footage:

I only knew one guy in my town who had a Supercharger (he was also one of the first person I knew to get an Amiga). How did the Starpath Supercharger work? Well, when you plugged into your Atari it gave you like an extra 6K of RAM, which was pretty awesome. To play the game you ran connected your Supercharger to a cassette player and played the game from there.

Super Hi-tech!


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9 thoughts on ““Escape from the Mindmaster” for the Starpath Supercharger

  1. Joe says:

    I loved this game. Within each level was a minigame. The first 3d game maze I knew of AND it had minigames inside. When you finished the game gave you a score with a rating. I played for two whole weeks trying to get the best score possible. As I completed the game with a victory screen coming up, I had to what I perceived was the closest I could get to the perfect score. Then the screen said “Mindmaster declares you to be cheating!” I was pissed. Now I have to laugh because I had a tablet of paper in which I wrote notes down to beat the memory minigames. Mindmaster was right. It was a GREAT GAME!

  2. The video is actually from the unfinished ColecoVision prototype, not the 2600 game. Fantastic game for the 2600 though with probably THE best ending back in the day!

  3. Chris says:

    What I don’t get is that, apparently, when you achieve a score 700 or over, it says “Mindmaster declares you to be fantstic” That should have been the score in the 600-699 bracket, since you’d be more likely to be cheating with a score greater than 700. It’s possible that the programmers somehow got those two ratings mixed up.

  4. Still have my Supercharger, and it still works!

    Like Bluebot says, you can use it to test homebrew games. It’ll also work with most 2K and 4K Atari 2600 ROMs if they’re converted to “tape audio” with a special program on a PC. Games that use complex bank switching techniques will not work on a Supercharger when converted like that.

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