“Escape from the Mindmaster” for the Starpath Supercharger


If you were lucky enough to have a Supercharger for your Atari 2600 you might have gotten to play “Escape from the Mindmaster”. “Escape” was pretty cool for its time. You traveled through a maze collecting keys and solving puzzles all the while trying to avoid some monster. Oh did I mention the maze was 3D? Which was pretty impressive for 1982. Check out this footage:

I only knew one guy in my town who had a Supercharger (he was also one of the first person I knew to get an Amiga). How did the Starpath Supercharger work? Well, when you plugged into your Atari it gave you like an extra 6K of RAM, which was pretty awesome. To play the game you ran connected your Supercharger to a cassette player and played the game from there.

Super Hi-tech!


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