Horrible Headache? Take Anacin.


I know just how this lady feels. I have had a horrible headache all week long. I have taken lots of Ibuprofen with no effect. Maybe I should dig up some Anacin or some other grandma headache medicine and see if they work.


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2 thoughts on “Horrible Headache? Take Anacin.

  1. Lorrie Shantz says:

    I have to take anacin every single night , sometimes days, for headaches. If I don’t take [3] nightly I will wake up early morning, with my head throbbing. After 1/2 hr. or so it’s gone. Nothing else will help my pain..only anacin..am I harming myself ? Please anwer to my e-mail as I don’t know how to get back on this site. Thanks.

  2. nospam says:

    This was a GREAT commercial. But I prefer the Anacin one where the person screams, “Mother, please, I’d RATHER DO IT MYSELF!!!”?

    Do you have that one?

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