Boo Berry and Count Chocula Commercial


OK, so I guess it has to start somewhere. So why not with the Monster Cereals and the very underrated Boo Berry. Sure you can feed me a line about how awesome the chocolate milk leftovers from the count are, but how often do you really get an opportunity to drink blue milk? If the answer is all the time, please go to the hospital.


Garry Vander Voort

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2 thoughts on “Boo Berry and Count Chocula Commercial

  1. Ahhh, the ORIGINAL artwork/appearance (not that revamped look on the over-sweetened packages of today)! . . . apparently Boo-Berry was interred with a fear of being buried alive* (and also forgets he can pass through walls as a ghost). . .

    Blue milk is okay for the Star Wars Cantina, good enough for me. . .
    * the bell could be part of a Victorian coffin alarm

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