Become the Next Marvel Superstar


I heard about these events when I was a young comic book fanboy and they helped to fuel many a rainy afternoon of trying to learn the skills involved. Sadly only the Scripting skill stuck and to this day I still find myself writing out comic scripts in my spare time for an audience who will never see them.

I wonder just how many people actually got their start in the industry from this book? Would have to at least be a few. Anyone ever heard of someone who started this way? I would love to hear the story.


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2 thoughts on “Become the Next Marvel Superstar

  1. Nice! I didn’t know that was how Mr. Bagley broke into the biz, but as a Marvel reader and especially one who is a reader of titles he has worked on, I am glad that he did.

    As a devotee of all things Lovecraft I am glad to see you drop by the site – you are very talented. Everyone should be picking up Cthulhu Tales:

    Cthulhu fhtagn…

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