Captain America and the Falcon in “And A Phoenix Shall Arise”


As some of you may know my favorite comic book character is, hands down, Captain America. I love the idea of a character who is stuck in an era in which they don’t belong and I have been a dedicated reader since I was 7. Now old Steve Rogers may be dead at the moment, but don’t count him out, he will be back.

Until then we fans of the one true Cap are forced to dig through our older books and keep our hope alive. Since many of you may not have access to a book right now, I am happy to share with you this this audio adventure from Power Records, “Captain America and the Falcon in “And A Phoenix Shall Arise”.

Good stuff. I wish I had the comic to post up here, but its probably somewhere in a box in my family basement waiting to be rediscovered.

Click to listen to the adventure:


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11 thoughts on “Captain America and the Falcon in “And A Phoenix Shall Arise”

  1. Cool stuff.

    One thing that’s always bothered me about Cap– he usually talks down to his fellow heroes by calling them “son” and the like.

    Yeah, he’s older, but he was FROZEN for decades, so he still should be in the mindset of a 20/30-something (although with dated ideals). Did people refer to each other as “son” in the 1940s even though they were the same age? I think not. It’s something that’s always annoyed me and doesn’t help keep him current. Superman is often written the same way as well.

  2. That lack of being current is what I like about Cap. He was a leader in WWII and probably called a lot of younger men son. The fact that he does it now – just shows his inner confusion. His big flaw is that he doesn’t belong in this time. Sure this time needs a person like him, and when is Captain America, those flaws aren’t that important, but when he is Steve Rogers it becomes a big deal. Which is why he almost always retreats into the Cap persona.

    One of my favorite issues of Cap last year gave us a picture of his social life. Steve and his girlfriend go out with one of Steve’s friends who is in his 80s. It turns out that this is who Steve hangs out with when he isn’t around his superhero buddies.

    It makes sense for Cap to think of people as “son”. He feels old or more accurately feels he SHOULD be old. As for Superman – he is just weird. But who can ever really understand an alien (especially a DC alien).


  3. Ernest says:

    I used to have this issue. I was about 6 or 7 years old. I used to play and read this issue to death. The record got broken and the pages have long disappeared. Back in 91, I was telling a co worker of mine about this comic and he got very excited, until I told him what happened to the comic, thats when he told me the value in mint or near mint condition WITH the record. Let’s just say I could have bought a house with that.

  4. Cyxodus – been a year since I last looked at this. I found the mp3 on my old computer and put it back online for your listening enjoyment.

  5. Dethbyrd says:

    mp3 appears to not be working. i took a chance tonight looking it up cause this was one of my favorite records whan i was a kid. thanks for having this site!

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