Captain America and the Falcon in “And A Phoenix Shall Arise”


As some of you may know my favorite comic book character is, hands down, Captain America. I love the idea of a character who is stuck in an era in which they don’t belong and I have been a dedicated reader since I was 7. Now old Steve Rogers may be dead at the moment, but don’t count him out, he will be back.

Until then we fans of the one true Cap are forced to dig through our older books and keep our hope alive. Since many of you may not have access to a book right now, I am happy to share with you this this audio adventure from Power Records, “Captain America and the Falcon in “And A Phoenix Shall Arise”.

Good stuff. I wish I had the comic to post up here, but its probably somewhere in a box in my family basement waiting to be rediscovered.

Click to listen to the adventure:


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