High Score!: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games


I got the book a few years ago and somehow it managed to get pushed to the back of my bookcase. Weird. Well, I was doing a little cleaning this weekend and their it was…a happy surprise. The book is chock full of game shots and packing material and covers the history of video games in “slightly more then a coffee table book” amount of detail. The imagery will make you grin from ear to ear, but if you can tear your peepers away from the eye candy for a few minutes and scope the text you will be happily surprised. The book is both well written and brimming with fun facts.

If I had to come up with a criticism for this perfect Sunday afternoon retro read, it would be that it wasn’t long enough. I could easily have enjoyed this book if it was twice as long. So check out your local library to get a copy or head over to you favorite online vendor and pick one up for under $30.

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5 thoughts on “High Score!: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games

  1. An excellent book. Anyone interested in it should get the second edition printing.

    Another great book is Steven Kent’s Ultimate History of Video Games. It’s a lot dryer than Score, but still excellent. And I got a quote from my Syzygy Magazine review of the first edition in the newer one :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Brian. I just ordered the Ultimate History.

    The Classic Coinop Designer Interviews on your site are great. Everyone who is a gaming fan should check them out.

  3. GuitarAnthony says:

    I’ve had this book for years and read so many times, it’s falling apart! Wish there was a Kindle version.

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