Better Baby Ruth and Better Butterfinger Commercial


I am a huge fan of the Butterfinger. I mean huge. Don’t believe me? Want to throw down? Check it:

“Butterfinger’s better, there’s a better Butterfinger. They made Butterfingers better so you simply cannot get a more peanutbuttery taste than Butterfingers”

I hope that’s right. Its been a while. I know its very close. Either way here is another commercial that has always stuck in my head.

Oh and continuing my search for all commercials featuring Peter Billingsley. Here is the infamous “Dracula” Butterfinger and Baby Ruth commercial. I think that is young Peter at the end of the commercial sneaking up on the amorous couple.


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One thought on “Better Baby Ruth and Better Butterfinger Commercial

  1. Wow, didn’t realize there was ever a time when the name “Nestle” didn’t grace the packaging of either candy bar.

    For my money, Hershey’s 5th Avenue bar totally outranks the Butterfinger. There’s just something about those glowing orange peanut butter flakes that gives me the willies (and the heebie jeebies too)!

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