Atari Jaguar Commercial – Alien vs. Predator

It was a dark and stormy night in early November of 1994. I was in my attic game room playing the best game that would be made that year, “Alien vs. Predator”. The game was really addictive and I was in the middle of a sweet gaming trance when I felt someone poking my back.


It felt like my mother’s hand. She was always bugging me when I was playing games. Usually I paused the game and did whatever chore she had for me. But not tonight. I spun around to give her a piece of my mind. Boy, was I ever surprised to see it wasn’t my Mother. It was an Alien holding my severed mother’s arm. Of course I screamed. I mean c’mon, who expects an Alien in your attic game room? But after the initial shock wore off, we both had a good laugh about it.

Two years later, to the day, we were married in a small ceremony in Reno. We have been happy ever since. I still miss my mother at times, but if it wasn’t for that gory prank I never would have found the love of my life.

Our story was immortalized in this classic Atari Jaguar Commercial:


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3 thoughts on “Atari Jaguar Commercial – Alien vs. Predator

  1. Futuristic commercial… plus, it was the world’s first 64-bit gaming machine! It was the first time they tried to go back and deliver on the original Atari promise of POWER WITHOUT THE PRICE. Unfortunately Atari seems to have went out quickly less than a year after this commercial, in a hail of Jaguars… It was that year in which Windows 95 swallowed every last bit of 1980s computing platforms up, taking the Atari gaming console division with it.

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