Play Neo Geo only if you are a Real Hot Dog

I don’t like the ad. The messaging is old sounding and the graphs are confusing. What I do like is the symmetry on the NEO GEO hot dog. Its truly a site to behold with its beautifully undulating waves of relish and onions. Oh and those fragile wisps of shredded cheese are what angel’s tears must look like. This is not your normal stadium or street vendor dog. This is the type of hot dog your grandmother fixes for you when she finds out you have terminal rectal cancer and needs to break the news to you. Of course if you have terminal rectal cancer I don’t think another hot dog is the way to go.

Maybe if NEO GEO spent less money on artfully crafted hot dogs and gave their system a price cut, they would still be around today.



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2 thoughts on “Play Neo Geo only if you are a Real Hot Dog

  1. andy k says:

    I don’t know why, but arcade game makers love to waste as much money as possible. Have you’ve seen an arcade board? It’s full of tons of practically useless chips. Why use 4 32k ram chips if you have a 128k chips are widely avalible? Why use 3 graphics chips with 1 bg layer each, if you can use 1 graphics chip with 3 layers? Why use a separate I/O chip for every chip if you can make a universal I/O chip? Don’t ask me those questions, ask the people who design the arcade boards those questions.

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