Return of the Jedi in the 1983 Sear’s Wishbook

I loved catalogs as a kid. Its the 2nd best thing to getting all the toys you wanted. I spent many a December evening thumbing through the wishbooks and dreaming of the perfect to collection. In 1983 it was all about “Return of the Jedi” and I am happy to present a few pages from Wishbook Web for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.








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3 thoughts on “Return of the Jedi in the 1983 Sear’s Wishbook

  1. I wish I still had all those wishbooks. I have great memories of being at my grandma’s house, sitting in the tv room flipping through the catalog and circling every toy I wanted for Christmas. (which was probably just about the whole magazine)

  2. Over here in the UK we had the Argos catalogue. I’ve managed to get a few of the 80s ones from eBay and it is just like stepping into a time machine! I love flicking through the pages and feeling that excitement I felt as a kid. Some people have also uploaded some scans too.

    My favourite pages were always the action figures (He-Man, Transformers, MASK, Star Wars), the video games (TomyTronic etc) and the digital watches.

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