I love Carrie (1976) and Tuxedo Shirts


Just got finished watching Carrie. This is one of the first movies I bought on DVD and I usually watch it whenever its on TV. I find it hypnotic. From the opening shower scene to the “trick” ending, their is almost nothing bad about this movie. Even the very 70s feel to the film is amazing. I love it all, from the giant hair on Tommy to this bad boy…


Remember the scene where they are all trying on Tuxedos? Tommy wears ones with ruffles that go on for days and lapels that touch the sky. Then his gangly buddy comes out with the Tuxedo shirt. That moment is quintessentially 1970s movie to me. They take a topical pop cultural reference and then use it in a big reveal and it was so popular that just showing the shirt is enough of a punchline. It was brilliant then and it actually gets better with age because for many, just seeing a tuxedo shirt is still a punchline, an especially potent one if they don’t realize how long the shirt has been around for.


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