House on Haunted Hill (1959) is a Horror Classic


Camp + Horror = Awesome. This low budget one has been a fave of mine since I caught it late one night in 8th grade. When you put Vincent Price in the role of a “host” in a haunted house, I really don’t see how you can go wrong. Although the film is packed with decent character actors, but its only when Price is on the screen that things start to sizzle.


The banter between Price and his wife, played by Carol Ohmart, is exceptional. More like something out of a clever 1940’s comedy then a late 1950’s low-budget horror film. For those looking for a scare, I have to say, I never found this movie to be frightening in any way, its effect are a little too cheesy to make for a good scare. Yes its a good warm up for the Halloween season.

Wow, someone had put this whole movie, on youtube. If you got the time, why not check it out. It can really help pass a lunch hour:


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