Monster Cereals’ Commercials

What should you be eating this month? Well, candy obviously, along with Candy Corn, caramel apples, orange novelty cake and Monster Cereals. I know most households usually choose one monster and run with it. I was very lucky. I have two older sisters and one liked Frankenberry and the other Count Chocula. Of course they would beat me senseless if I touched “their” cereal, but like all good younger brothers I managed to grab some on the sneak. That does not make me a bad person! They would eat my Fruity Pebbles with impunity. Sneaking a little Frank or Choc just evened the score. Of course when Boo Berry was in the house. All bets were off.

Need a quick memory fix? Dig this animated classic:

or this mixture of animation and live action:

Now run out and pick up some Monster Cereals from your local grocery store. Remember in many places they don’t carry them all year. This is your time of year to stock up and if you see Fruit Brute, tell him we miss him.



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One thought on “Monster Cereals’ Commercials

  1. I actually was looking to buy Count Chocula at the local Kroger grocery store the other day… Can you believe they didn’t have it?! Not even Frankenberry. :(

    The weird thing was, they had their generic store brand of the Count, but it was sci-fi inspired — “Chocolate Marshmallow Cosmos”.

    By the way, you may have this in your YouTube collection already, but have you seen this CGI take on that same Monster cereal commercial?

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