31 Movies for Halloween


I haver decided that during the month of Halloween I am going to tackle a “horror” themed movie every night. My list has a mix of funny, realistic and fantasy horror and I am very excited with my choices. Some of them I have not seen in a few years and others are very familiar to me. I will attempt to post a short review each film as I watch it — General observations and things I liked and disliked about the film. Drop me a comment on what you will or would be like to be watching this month. I would love some ideas for next Halloween or maybe for Sunday movie marathons. Now onto the list.

October 1 – When a Stranger Calls (1979)
October 2 – Land of the Minotaur
October 3 – Scanners
October 4 – Evil Dead
October 5 – Trilogy of Terror
October 6 – Silence of the Lambs
October 7 – Night of the Living Dead (1968)
October 8 – The Fog (1980)
October 9 – Fright Night
October 10 – House On Haunted Hill (1959)
October 11 – Carrie
October 12 – Legend of Hell House
October 13 – Psycho
October 14 – A Nightmare on Elm Street
October 15 – The Howling
October 16 – Army of Darkness
October 17 – Jaws
October 18 – Thing from Another World
October 19 – Suspiria
October 20 – The Haunted (1963)
October 21 – Re-Animator
October 22 – Friday the 13th
October 23 – The Exorcist
October 24 – The Shining
October 25 – The Terror (1963)
October 26 – Buba Ho-Tep
October 27 – The Tingler
October 28 – Carnival of Souls
October 29 – Devil’s Rain
October 30 – Poltergeist
October 31 – Halloween

So what do you think? A good list? Any glaring omissions? Happy Halloween!


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3 thoughts on “31 Movies for Halloween

  1. Pretty good list ya got. Are you catching all these through the magical world of cable or do you own them?

    I’m definitely looking forward to the horror movies this month, I’ll mostly be using whatever’s on SciFi/AMC/Turner Classic as background noise when I’m online. :)

    I’ll probably at least break out my Friday the 13th & Universal Monsters boxsets along with Phantasm and Mad Monster Party. Hopefully I’ll finally buy a copy of Monster Squad this month as well. I’ve never seen but it sounds right up my alley.

  2. I own most of them — at least the ones that are earlier in the month. Some of the others I plan on either renting or buying. I am excited to watch “When a Stranger Calls” tonight. I have not seen it in so many years.

    Which do you think you are going to watch first and will you watch movies on Halloween night or do you have some event planned?

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