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Centipede for the Atari 2600

That crazy commercial fueled my purchase of this game for my trusty ol’ 2600. Sadly when I got it home I quickly realized it didn’t measure up to the arcade original. Later that night I had even worse pangs of my remorse when I realized that I really didn’t like the arcade version of Centipede anymore. Why? Because games that you play with a trackball should never be played with a an overused Atari joystick that my dog chewed the cover off of.

This commercial has no business being as cool as it is! You screwed me again Atari 2600!! But I am sure the ET game will be much better — good thing I have started saving my money.

Centipede - Atari 2600


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3 thoughts on “Centipede for the Atari 2600

  1. pacman says:

    Come on, Centipede was ok-ish on the VCS. I bought it for 129DM *sigh* and spent countless hours, days, weeks playing it. Our dog never reached the joysticks on the table ;)

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