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Did you ever wonder where the cool people of the 70s found those bad-ass posters that adorned the faux-wood walls of their pot drenched sin bin? I am sure many just went down to their local head shop, but what if you lived in a town that was too square to sell tobacco bongs? Well, you just went to “Personality Posters” and for a few bucks you could get the latest in psychedelia and Bruce Lee imagery.


Doubt the coolness of “Personality Posters”? Well just make your check payable to:


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2 thoughts on “Personality Posters

  1. Dennis Naff says:

    I am looking for Personality Poster No. 262 – “Hookah Love”. Do you have any information about how to obtain copies if any are available? Thanks for your help.


  2. jesse says:

    I’ve actually got an original copy of “Hookah Love”. I got it from my grandfather who lived in Baltimore back in the day. He gave me that one and a few others, but i’m also interested in information on this poster.


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